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Re: RS2 value??

Phil Hi,

As a driver of an RS2 I would part agree with you.
I would not say that it is undriveable below 3000 rpm but it surely does not
have the explosion of power which follows after 3500 to 4000 rpm.
The present issue of AUDI DRIVER magazine has an article about the RS2 where
they compare the in gears acceleration times of the S2 and the RS2. The RS2
is better and at a gear higher. Which means that the delay you feel looks
enormous because of the release of all this power afterwards.

But as feel of the pants is concerned I agree with you.

On top the clutch is relatively heavy and second gear is too low for
traffic. (Dave I think you agree on that)

As for the windscreen slope, Phil NEVER EVER drive a 206 Peugeot.

The prices of RS2s in Greece range from 50.000 to 70.000 US$ depending on
the mileage, general condition and specifications of the cars.
You may also find cars which have been totally converted to RS2 using plain
80 Avant quattros bodyshells and totalled RS2 mechanicals parts. Prices for
this kind of cars range from 40 to 50 thousand US$.

The only car that I would change the RS2 (now with the increased family) is
the RS6 in Avant form. Lets hope that Dr. Piech will realise this dream of

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>In message <000f01bee347$240bf860$d80056d4@powks15> "Jouko Haapanen"
>> Anyone out there have an idea as to what kind of prices RS2's are trading
>> owners at nowadays?
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>> It would be nice in my own garage, but financially would probably mean
>> selling the Urquattro, which is a sad thought to say the least.  FWIW
>> is one of two genuine RS2's in the country.
>I don't like the RS2.  Is that sacriledge?
>It's almost undriveable below 3000rpm in heavy town traffic, and I find
>the slope on the driver's window very intrusive after the ur-quattro.
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