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Re: How to determine - ATF or Synthetic Pentosin?

On Thu, 12 Aug 1999 21:51:05 -0400, you wrote:

>The Audi mineral and synthetic hydraulic fluids I have used have both been
>green. I think the "red" synthetic Pentosin referred to the colour of the
>cap on the bottle, not the colour of the fluid.
>If you have red fluid in the reservoir, I'm afraid there is a very good
>chance it is ATF. Time to drain it, purge with G002000, and pray.

Done it. But how much fluid will actually go into the whole system?
I've bought 2 liters, and after I drained the reservoir, turned the
pump and turned the steering wheel, I couldn't get any more than
almost 1 litre into it..  I removed all the return lines to the
reservoir and drained as much as possible, now it looks good, but I
haven't started the engine yet (disassembled head), so I wonder if
there still is a lot of ATF in the rest of the system.. How do I do a
complete flush to get all that crap out? ATF is great in power
steering, but not on type 44's :-) 

BTW: Changed the manual transmission oil yesterday.. What a smell of
the new oil.. I almost had to throw up :-) (Yeah, it is GL-4, not

>Good luck!