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Having tranny problem s of my own?

	My '86 4kq is having some tranny problems.  It almost sound like a bearing 
is going.  It makes a whirling noise when in third or fifth gear.  When is 
neutral, second, or fourth, the noise immediately goes away.  Has anyone 
had the same symptoms?  Does this sound like a bad bearing?  If it is, and 
from the threads I've read lately about tranny's, should I look for a used 
one before paying someone to rebuild mine?  The problem I see with this is 
that I don't know whether a used one will work any better than mine.
	I might have one option.  I recently bought an '87 5ktqw for a turbo 
conversion.  Would it be wise to use that tranny, or is it even possible? 
 I've never heard of anyone putting a 5k tranny in a 4k.  If it is 
possible, what kind of change in torque would I get?  Any advice would be 
greatly appreciated.

Tom B.
'86 4kq (awaiting turbo power)
'87 5ktqw (donor of engine and maybe tranny?)