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re: Raining in my q (update)

Weird side effect of having my q rained _in_:

Get in the q this morning, still dampas all h@ll.  No air-out time, since
Chicagoland is still rainy.

Drive a block, check side mirrors.  Whoa, they are all out of alignment.  
A couple pokes of the control stick and they are back to normal.  Weird.

At a stop, I hear a whirring of electric motors.  Notice driver's side
mirror creeping to the right.  Correct with stick.  Whirrrr... notice
passenger mirror creeping to the right.  Correct.   Whirrrr... notice BOTH
mirrors creeping to the right.  Correct.  Whirrr... clack clack clack --
passenger side mirror goes to full "lock" and pops back repeatedly,
right mirror goes up and down and right.

Whip out screwdriver, pry mirror control out of arm rest.  Set mirrors to
desired position quickly and pop off connector.

Now, the mirror control is sitting on my desk in the dry-as-a-bone
climate-controlled office.  Hopefully, will be dry by this evening.


                               Hal, open the file
                               Hal, open the damn file, Hal
                               open the, please Hal
                               -- Jennifer Jo Lane