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re 80/90 Turnsignal R$elocation Wiring Success!

"Robinson, Michael/SJC" <mrobinso@ch2m.com> amazed us with:

 Last night, I successfully relocated the turn signal of my 88 90q.  About a
month ago, I installed the H1/H4 dual bulb Euro lights.  The problem with
the setup is that i had to ditch the sidemarkers.  A ran this whole time
without turnsignals in the front and put up with the annoying hyper-blinker
for the rear.  I did not want to cut into my bumber cover or drill
sidemarkers into the fender.  the new lights are so dang bright that the
stock fog lights are useless.  All i did was cut the wiring from the turn
signals and then extended each wire, except for the parking light which  is
now the city light.  Then i opened the fog light buckets and removed the
reflector and focusing lense assembly.  I used a dremel to cut off the top
of the dome shaped reflector so the hole was big enough for a standard turn
signal.  I also used the dremel to cut up the old sidemarker so it would
mount on the reflector dome.  I used an orange bulb instead of the standard
clear, and then epoxied the cut part from the sidemarker to the cut part of
the dome.  Now the orange light is focused through the glass and fills up
the whole fog light lense.  It is impossible to tell there is an orange bulb
in the fog light bucket unless it is on.  My next step is to install some
high powered fog lights using the old foglight wiring and beefing it up with
some new relays and thicker wire.  I'll be at the Historics if anyone wants
to see it.
Good work!  Please let us know if you take a photo of the disassembled
now-modified fog lights and scan it.

Kirby A. Smith   New Hampshire USA
1988 90q Titanium gray, 182 kmi
1988 90q Stone gray, 187 kmi 
1988 90q Stone gray, 180 kmi - parts car
1995 S6 Pearl effect, 82 kmi