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Re: Mobile(sic) One oil filters

>>>>Eyvind Spangen asked:

Well, what "certain oil filter retailer" did this? :-)

Gosh, no reason to believe it was F**M !!!  The site had such good things to
say about their filters.  Every Audi owner should use F**M filters because
they are so well made and have such good anti-drainback valves.  

On a serious note, one of our local parts warehouses has a F**M filter and a
Hastings filter disassembled and on side-by-side display.  The differences
is astonishing.  I cannot imagine a more cheaply made filter than the F**M
(cheap filter element, cheap valves, cheap gasket, etc. etc.).  Everything
that was said by the fellow who put the 'Oil Filter Comparison' on his
website was very obvious.  The Hastings filter was so much better
constructed.  It's interesting that someone who just posts the truth on a
website has to fend off company lawyers.  That parts warehouse is presenting
the exact same kind of comparison, but in an even more public manner.  

To the person that posted the original inquiry about the Mobil 1 filter:
The comparison post at one time on the website
http://members.xoom.com/_XOOM/minimopar/oilfilterstudy.html (don't look, the
data is no longer there) had positive things to say about the Mobil 1
filter.  He noted it as well made, having a unique kind of filter element
(plastic, I believe), and good quality valving and case construction.  He
also noted it was more expensive than most.  

Bob Enis
Knoxville, TN
'89 200tq
'90 100