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RE: Did Audi make a Turbo Diesel?

> Not exactly correct, the 2.3 V5 is a gasoline engine..

I thought it was, but then I found this on the VW UK web site:

"2.3 V5 150bhp
   Performance and fuel economy thanks to a combination of
   turbocharged direct-injection automatic transmission diesel
   engine and reduced drag co-efficient. With air conditioning. "

Go to http://www.vw.co.uk, click on Passat, then on detailed info, then on

It was my initial understanding that the V5 was a VR6 with one cylinder
missing.  It was also my understanding that the VR6 was a transverse mount
only engine.  It surpises me that they'd bother going through the effort of
mounting the V5 in the Passat when they have the 1.8T.

> The Passat TDI is available here with 4 different engines:
> 1.9 90 hp TDI
> 1.9 110 hp TDI
> 1.9 115 hp TDI (new engine, to replace the 90 and 110)
> 2.5 150 hp V6 TDI
> Gas engines:
> 1.6 100 hp
> 1.8 125 hp
> 1.8T 150 hp
> 2.3 V5  150 hp (poorer torque and more expensive than the turbo
> engine, but the much nicer 5-cylinder "feeling" and sound)
> 2.8 V6 193 hp.
> The "4motion" (on Passat, the same as quattro) is available with the
> NA 1.8 engine, the 110/115 hp TDI, the 2.8 V6 and the 2.5 V6 TDI.
> You can choose between automatic and manual transmission on all
> models.
> ES