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Re: 1988-91 80/90 headlight bulbs?

mstocker writes:
> I was browsing through the Bentley manual for my '89 90Q
> and was checking info for the headlights (94.2).
> The diagram shows the headlight bulb to be 12v 9004 70/90W.
> I thought normal 9004 bulbs where 45/65W.  What gives?
> If this true, the 55/100W or even 80/100W upgrades should
> work without modification.

While I don't know for a fact, I would guess that the Bentley is
wrong on this.  You would certainly not want to do a high-watt
headlight upgrade and have the current flowing through your stock
wiring and switch.  That *will* spell disaster.  Even if the
wiring or switch doesn't melt imeediately, there will be so much
voltage drop through them to completely diminish any advantage that
the new bulbs might provide.

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