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'88 90Q Clutch Bleeding

I need to bleed my clutch hydraulic system.  Can barely see the slave
cylinder on top of the trans.  How do you access the bleed valve? From

I conceptually know where the clutch master cylinder is (attached to
the clutch pedal).  But I can't see it from the engine compartment. 
How do you access the valve on the master cyl? Also from below?

Side note/observation:  I originally posted a long question about a
week ago concerning rebuilding a rear caliper and bleeding the brake
and clutch system.  I got no response.  Found a thread in the 1994
archives regarding the fact that responses are not guaranteed and I
think we all understand that on this list.  Nevertheless, I've come to
depend on the list for detailed info regarding any specific issue. 
When my question went unanswered, I felt like a leper!
Not a complaint, just an observation.
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