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Re: raining on my q

On Sat, 14 Aug 1999, Huw Powell wrote:

> I think the key is to park the car all opened up, with some forced air
> movement, in the lowest dew point environment you can find.

Chicago during the summer just isn't the place for that :).  Although,
today was WONDERFUL.  Opened windows in the AM, did some brisk highway
jaunts to really "force" air through the car.  Sunned it while I ate
lunch.  Etc. etc...

> I would also suggest an application of some sort of fungicide, even a
> bactericide (sp?) is it's still wet after a couple of days.

Doing it tomorrow :).

> Then take the car apart and clean all the elctrical connections...

Oh boy.  Not again.  I guess the dash is coming out so I can fix the odo
once again.  Not to mention I have a bulb out in the diff lock area.
Heater core needs replacing.  Huh.  Maybe I'll just do it...


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