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Re: Did Audi make a Turbo Diesel?

> Bull.  My economics professor --here in the US--, bought one of these 
> from a Boston dealership, probably 2-3 years ago.  

My wife has a 99 Jetta TDI.  We just drove to Boston and back and barely
used 1/2 tank of fuel...

The current TDI engine is very different technology and even more advanced.
At this time, it is only available in the Golf/Jetta/Beetle in North
America, with 90hp.  In Europe there are 90/110/115hp versions of this
same engine.

Cool car now available in Europe - Skoda Octavia with the 90hp TDI
and all wheel drive via Haldex system.  Cheap, excellent build quality
according to the rags.  Anyone awake at VW?  Nah...

| Dan |
Dan Simoes