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Re: S4 brakes? Wilwood Quality

Wilwood are OK quality. They are no where near the quality (or $) of Brembo,
Alcon or some others. They are getting better however. The main issue is in
rigidity of the caliper. They offer many different levels of caliper size
and quality. While they have been making inroads on road racing circuits
they have been primarily a stock car item. Check, if you like, and you will
find all front runners in any form of auto racing, including NASCAR, and you
will find Brembo or Alcon as the brake of choice. Wilwood four piston
calipers can be had as inexpensively as $120 each, so the question becomes
which caliper is in the package. Also whether they are DOT approved should
they be installed on a street car, I personally would not like to be at the
wrong end of a suit should the car be involved in an accident.

Bryan Doughty
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Subject: S4 brakes? Wilwood Quality

> I know that the S4 and TTs both use new 12.8" 2 piston brakes. Aren't
> two pistons a low number for such high performance brakes? How do they
> provide so much stopping power? Will they be available for aftermarket
> (i.e. for an A4.)
> Also, if you read European Car or MaxSpeed you have seen RPI's A4. It is
> a lot like mine, and I was impressed by the brakes it is equipped with.
> They sell for $800 and include:
> -2 Brembo 11" Drilled Rotors
> -2 Goodridge Brake Lines
> -2 Metal-Matrix (or Carbon-Metalic, I forget which) Pads
> -2 Wilwood 4 piston calipers
> To me that seems pretty cheap concidering RPI's prices.
> 200 for the discs
> 100 for the lines
> 150 for the pads
> That leaves 350 for the calipers, isn't that rather inexpensive for
> calipers? I haven't heard much about Wilwood's, are they any good? Would
> you think this to be a suitable package for an A4?
> Thanks again,
> Dan
> 99 A4 1.8TQMS K04 Santorin
> PS. I know I wrote three messages in a few minutes, but it is raining
> and with not much else to do,  I am trying to get my upgrades in order.
> Please forgive my lack of knowledge and a life (while it's raining that
> is...)