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Re: FS: 85 tqc

> Oh yeah, and I could drive it too.  :-)

Which is exactly the reason why I've not bothered to call about it or am very 
enthusiastic about looking at it ... my ability to resist temptation has 
never been very good, especially with Paula encouraging me to buy it -- Is it 
any wonder that I love her? -- and my father offering to front me the money 
until I can pull it out of my trading account.  I really did think about it 
but decided it's probably more sensible to get my 200q painted and fix all of 
the minor niggling problems with it, get my Ur-Q back on the road and finish 
my 4k racecar, all of which I should be able to accomplish for $9k ... my 
loss is somebody's gain.  :^(