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Re: S4 brakes? Wilwood Quality

>Daniel Harman writes:
>> Also, if you read European Car or MaxSpeed you have seen RPI's A4. It is
>> a lot like mine, and I was impressed by the brakes it is equipped with.
>> They sell for $800 and include:
>> -2 Brembo 11" Drilled Rotors
>> -2 Goodridge Brake Lines
>> -2 Metal-Matrix (or Carbon-Metalic, I forget which) Pads
>> -2 Wilwood 4 piston calipers
>I understand that the Wilwoods calipers need frequent rebuilding,
>if that's Ok with you..

I think this is pretty industry standard....  You normally have to rebuild
most good racing calipers every year as they aren't meant for daily street
use.  This applies to all of them that I know....  Wilwoods, AP, Alcon,
etc...  Brembos too, but not the Porsche ones.  They are technically
"street" calipers after all.  But with the price difference...  $1500 for
the Big red kit!!!!

Rebuild kits are pretty cheap and I hear they are easy to rebuild.  Your
basically just replacing the piston seals.