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Re: TDIs

Hi List,

Re: TDIs, these are great engines, was even thinking of converting my
Audi Coupe Quattro to a 5 cyl. TDI, but gave up after discovering that a
used 5 cylinder TDI costs about $3000 and for that price, I can buy a
20V turbo. TDIs last so long that automotive recyclers don't get many.

Only 4 cylinder TDIs are sold in America and these will work in an Audi
with Passat parts because the Passats mount the engines like Audis do,
that is fore-aft.

I drove a TDI Golf once. Had enough torque to spin both front wheels off
the line and got 5,5L/100km going 160kmh. (about 45mpg). The new
generation of TDIs start just like gas engines, have lots of torque and
don't stink at all. They purr like kittens rather than clatter like a
can of bolts (old Rabbits come to mind).

5 clyinder TDIs are only found in the Caravelle (Eurovan) and all other
TDIs are V6s. These Eurovan engines use the same block as the old 5
cylinder engines, but with a taller block and more mounting points for
the injector pump.

Kind Regards


Oh, I almost forgot.

>From: Kneale Brownson <knotnook@traverse.com>
>Subject: Re: 91 100 teanmission ?

>There's a dipstick hole in Germany?  How droll.

Yes, there's a dipstick hole here in Germany. It's called government.