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Re: New car discounts??

We all know that you shouldn't judge by looks. That is stupid and takes $$$
out of the salesman's pocket. But, I can see where this judging comes in as
a way to safeguard an investment. Local dealer here in Northern Virginia had
a TT coupe for demos. Two Navy guys (kids) came in and  "tested it," popping
the clutch and racing it around. Blew out the clutch and two motor mounts
apparently. so, the dealer gets screwed for being liberal with test cars and
not discriminating (ie, they were young). So, you either alienate a sale, or
spend countless $$$ in repair by being generous. Damned if you do...
Jon Linkov
'96 A4q
ICQ# 8826028

> Michael,
> How do salesmen judge prospects?  I have had zero luck getting any
> at the local dealer.  I dress "casual", flip-flips, shorts and a tee
> Sometimes I drive there in my 88 80Q, sometimes I mountain bike there, for
> exercise.  I'm 47.
> I have expressed my interest in the S4, that I am willing to pay MSRP, no
> trade, cash deal, and get no where.  I suspect they think I'm full of
> bullshit.
> Frustrating.