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Re: 4kq Oil Pan Removal


It's very likely that it's the sensor.  Many people pull the buzzer 
relay.  I'm not sure, but I think the buzzer has a sensor, and there's 
a separate sensor for the pressure gauge.  

4kq's do have a pressure guage, don't they?  I know they are 
missing one of the three gauges that the Coupe Gt's have.

I've taken the pan off.  What would you like to know.


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> I was wondering if anyone has removed a 4000q oilpan sucessfully, when the
> motor is still in the car...?
> Why do I ask, you ask? 
> Recently the oil pressure light has been coming on when I'm pullng high
> revs. I was thinking that 'something must be wrong with the oil pressure
> gizmo, that has two sensors', as who ever heard of low oil pressure, at
> high revs? 
> Oil pressure usually goes *up* as revs go up.
> Then I remembered why I built the sumpguard...
> Both myself and the previous owner have driven many miles of 'rally roads',
> resulting in a somewhat 'dented' oilpan. I'm now thinking that the
> 'denting' has created a starvation problem at high revs, as I'm betting the
> bottom of the pan is probabaly against the oil pickup...
> What's it look like in any of the Bently pictures? Likely situation?
> Thanks for any help!
> Regards!
> Frank de Kat 
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