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RE: New car discounts??

Browning David (TVCS) decided to speak these words:

>I've had some instances like that.  I look a little young for my age, and
>sometimes don't get much attention at car lots or other places for that
>matter.  My money is as good as anybody else's!  
>It seems like when you want help you can't get it, or when you don't want
>help, they're all over you!

Its funny, here in san francisco, we cant judge anyone based on looks.  
Since there is a HUGE number of kids (20-30 yo) that have hundreds of 
millions from internet companies, we have to take eveyr person as a 
serios buyer.  

Keep in mind though that every salesman on that lot is in competition 
with each other for business.  If i were to see you looking around and 
then didnt approach you to give you some room, then i guarantee i would 
lose that sale to someone who pushed a little more....that is why you 
will get approached very soon after entering the lot....


Michael Sheridan Williams
San Francisco, CA
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