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RE: B v WRC - some thoughts

In message <f38cd0ea.24e97419@aol.com> QSHIPQ@aol.com writes:
> The easiest way to dominate?  Cheat on horsepower.  Toyota proved it in WRC
> 1994 (and for those of you not following, toyota used a ingeniously designed
> and constructed  lift off restrictor on the turbo, that actually pulled the
> restrictor away from the turbo, allowing more air into the motor, which in
> turn added horsepower over the competition, toyota won the 1994
> championship...  Then it was taken away and toyota banned from the 1995
> season).

Phil replied:
I dunno.  The Japanese copy _everything_.
Phil Payne
UK Audi quattro Owners Club

I believe you are correct Phil. I remember Andy Granatelli (of STP and Indy 
fame) running a gas turbine car built by Colin Chapman. The inlet was 
restricted on those engines to limit horsepower on an equivilincy formula. 
They just installed a expandable inlet that almost doubled the inlet size at