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Re: Considering strut insert replacement


In addition to the usual 12 or 13 mm wrenches, you need spring
compressors (good ones that won't slide off), a 22 mm box end wrench,
a 7 mm allen wrench and something to get the caps off the struts (I
use a big pipe wrench, but this is probably one of the special Audi
tools that you mention).

If you use a pipe wrench on the caps, be very careful that you don't
nick the shafts of the new struts while tightening the caps back on.

Does Bentley say to fill the gap between the strut housing and strut
cartridge with oil?  If not, you should (I use ATF, about 0.5 oz I
think), since it enhances heat transfer from the cartridge to the
outside world.

(Oh yeah, I'm only talking about the front, I've never done the rear.)

In addition to the parts you mention, you might want to get new strut
bearing dust covers.  Blau didn't have these ("dealer only"), TPC may.
They are thin plastic disks about 8" diameter up at the top, you'll
see them when you start taking things apart.

Other things to do while you are down there:

   1) Be sure to check the outside CV boots for tears.  You can
      poke them and if they aren't fairly stiff, they will soon
      have holes.  (You can glance at the inner covers for your
      own comfort, but they last almost forever so don't worry
      if you don't.)

   2) Check the ball joints and tie rod ends for play, just grab
      the strut housing and yank on it to see if there are any
      clunks or too much play.

   3) Look at the brake pads and see how close they are to replacement
      (even if the light isn't on, you may want to do them while your
      hands are dirty).

Have fun,
Eric Fahlgren

Wallace White wrote:
> My immediate improvement plans for my car are quickly snowballing. I'm
> going to be driving it 850 miles up to Seattle for my wedding in two
> weeks, so a new set of tires are definitely in order. In fact, they're now
> on order: a set of Dunlop SP 4000's, based on good things I've heard from
> the list. Reasonably priced, too: America's Tire matched Tire Rack's $62
> ea. And since I'm getting new tires, I should finally get the car aligned
> again; all four of the old tires are bald on the outside, even though I
> had it aligned a year ago. And if I'm getting it aligned, it would be wise
> to replace the strut inserts first...
> So if I think I can do the job without much time or trouble involved, I'd
> like to replace the strut inserts all around with Boge Turbo Gas. I would
> order the following, two of each (the following is from TPC's online
> catalog):
> 431 412 175D
> 443 412 131B
> 4A0 413 031J
> 4A9 513 031C
> 441 412 249A
> 443 412 377
> So let's see, here are a few questions:
> (1) What else should I replace at the same time, within reason? Does the
> rear have similar sleeves, stops, and such?
> (2) Which special tools are recommended? I see two in the Bentley.
> Anything else beyond the usual?
> (3) How long does it take a first timer to do the fronts and the rears?
> (4) After putting in new strut inserts, do you need to wait before getting
> it aligned? I.e., do the inserts have to wear in first or anything?
> Thanks!
> - Wallace
>   '87 5kcstq 156k

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