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RE: '98 A6 2.8 won't start- mechanics are at a loss...

I read all of the other replies,  We have a HUGE problem with the 30v 
engines flooding here in the states.  This is due to high carbon buildup on 
the pistons.  The carbon breaks off and holds valves open.  The reason for 
the loss of compression on a crank is that the cylinders are washed down. 
 Pull the plugs,  dry out the cylinders with compressed air.  Add 5-10cc of 
engine oil to the cylinders along with fresh plugs.  At this point the 
engine should start.  If it does not catch in 5-10 seconds of cranking then 
hold the gas to the floor and just crank.  It may take 2-3 minutes of 
cranking but chances are it will fire.  Take for a long road test to clear 
out the chambers and then clear the 20 or so codes set in the process.  By 
the way I see this about once a day at the dealership.  Good Luck.

Daniel Jones
Dealer tech.

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Subject:	'98 A6 2.8 won't start- mechanics are at a loss...

Hi all,

Got this request from a friend of mine who works as a mechanic at a VW/Audi
dealership. It's got all of them and the Dutch importer stumped, it would
be great if anyone on this list could help-

Subject: '98 A6 2.8 FWD automatic, 60k km

Car stopped running a couple of weeks ago, just died on the highway. It's
been in the 'shop since.

All systems check out, no fault codes. Fuel and spark verified, timing belt
OK and not jumped a tooth. When you start it, it turns very quickly as if
there's no compression (which is OK when tested, BTW). Not even an attempt
to start, nothing.

My first impression: plugged exhaust/cat. Any other suggestions?

TIA for your help!


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