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Engine mounts

The Monkey Lad (tm) transmission/diff repair saga (89 100, NF w/087)
just exceeded workday #30 w/the shop mgr calling to say, "...the
transmission/diff are now "perfect, but you've got a bad engine
mount...".  One of their transmission "tests" was power braking and is,
along with mount age, the probable cause of the failure.  So I'm
1. Should mounts be replaced as a pair (they only ordered one); and,
2. Bentely's only mention of mounts (that I've found) indicates
   mounts should be torqued while engine is at idle (Volume 1 10.26 -
   Aligning engine/trans after engine removal).

Any BTDTs', about the mounts that is, not the fact that I should take
the whole crew to Small Claims Court after this is over.
MJ Murphy