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Re: New car discounts

> If you walk in and find bad service, whipping out a piece of paper for the 
>  sales mgr that says "______ has sufficient funds on deposit with us to 
>  purchase any automobile you retail." will get you the proper attention.

Better still, fax a copy of a cashier's check for the amount you want to pay 
for the car made payable to the dealership to the General Manager along with 
a note explaining exactly why you want nothing further to do with that 
particular salesperson ... it worked for me!  :^)

BTW, in my experience, unless you're buying a car that dealership is 
seriously trying to get rid of, offering to pay cash for it won't get you as 
much attention as telling them you want to finance it ... in a cash deal, 
they can't make any money on the back end as they do when selling your paper.