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RE: '98 A6 2.8 won't start- mechanics are at a loss...

Daniel Jones <captaudi@ma.ultranet.com> wrote:

>I read all of the other replies,  We have a HUGE problem with the 30v
>engines flooding here in the states.  This is due to high carbon buildup on
>the pistons.  The carbon breaks off and holds valves open.  The reason for
>the loss of compression on a crank is that the cylinders are washed down.
> Pull the plugs,  dry out the cylinders with compressed air.  Add 5-10cc of
>engine oil to the cylinders along with fresh plugs.  At this point the
>engine should start.  If it does not catch in 5-10 seconds of cranking then
>hold the gas to the floor and just crank.  It may take 2-3 minutes of
>cranking but chances are it will fire.  Take for a long road test to clear
>out the chambers and then clear the 20 or so codes set in the process.  By
>the way I see this about once a day at the dealership.  Good Luck.

Thanks Daniel, it seems to be a new problem for the guys here. Maybe our
gas doesn't allow this much carbon buildup?