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RE: Gauge mounting? typ44

Yes, I have done it, easy to do, the auto meter 30PSI gauge fits just fine.
The only problem is the location, a bit low,

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<< I want to add some fine VDO gauges to my 87 5kTQ.  I am looking at the
 A >>

speaking of places to mount gauges - has anyone tried to mount a single
gauge in the area of the 3 (or 2, if your TQ has the factory fog lite
dummy switch blanks on the console above the climate control display on the
typ44TQ's between the heated seat switch, and the ABS or fog switch?  there
appears to be enough room there for a single round gauge if you remove the
switch blanks and use a hacksaw blade to cut the aluminum spacer bars..
could cut some aluminum stock as a bezel to fit in the square opening, then
cut a circular hole in it to set the gauge in, then spray it black to match
the rest of the dash... it would be a clean, almost factory looking install.

does VDO make a gauge this small of a diameter?

'86 5kT, TQ