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RE: New car discounts??

James M. De Arras decided to speak these words:

>Basically, I see no excuse for salesmen to be huddled in groups discussing
>sports scores, while a potential customer (me) wanders around trying to
>force answers out of anyone who will listen.  I can see on a busy day, where
>the customers outnumber the salesmen, that a salesman might get picky in who
>he spends time with, based on looks, even, but never on a slow day!  You
>will never convince me it costs a dime extra to talk to me, as opposed to
>talking to each other.

Wanna know where that number i gave came from?  It came from VW, the guy 
who taught me all about the new A4 platform cars, in a customer service 
class, told me that that was the average cost of each person walking 
throuh that door.  YOu can disbelieve it all you want...no, each customer 
will not add 600 dollars to the cost, but on average thoughout the year, 
that is what it costs...

Sorry if that offends you...

As far as talking to customers, i agree, but honestly, sometimes i am 
just not in the mood to talk cars again with someone, especially 
considering that in general, people just f*ck me around.  Im sorry, 
usually im upbeat, friendly, and quite helpful, but sometimes the 
behavior of customers plain pisses me off.

For instance.  I helped a guy last weekend with a passat.  He called me 
sunday morning, telling me that he wanted me to find him this exact car: 
1999 VW Passat GLS 1.8t, tiptronic, no options, in either windsor blue or 
bright green, blue being the first choice.  I spent about 30 minutes 
talking to my manager about this, then finally got him to do the search, 
guaranteeing him that this customer was interested.  Well, we found a 
blue one, exactly what he was looking for.  I immediately called him, 
monday morning, like i said i would, and told him that we found the car 
for him and that i needed to hear back.  WEll, i heard back alright, i 
got a voice mail, marked at 9:15 pm, well after i was gone saying, hey, i 
was at another dealer and found another car.  I just got your message, 
this car im working on right now is another color and they have it in 
stock.  If that falls through, i will give you a call.  So i believe if i 
remember correctly, it was 2 hours last weekend, another 20 minutes on 
the phone with him getting exactly what he wanted so that i could search, 
another 30 minutes searching and researching, and then calling him only 
to find out that even before he heard back, he had gone somewhere else, 
found a different color and was going to buy there without even giving me 
the chance to get that car from them so that ic ould earn their business. 
 That is wat i put up with all the time.  So im sorry if i have to be 
picky.  I dont like being screwed with.  Its not always just the salesman 
that is the jerk inside of a dealership...

Then there was another time i spent 5 hours with a customer finding the 
exact A6 he wanted.  We had it in stock, except the one we had was grey, 
and he wanted volcano black.  He told me to call him the next day if i 
foudn a volcano black one.  I called, left multiple messages that i did 
in fact find one, and then heard back 3 days later, from his secretery, 
that he was no longer in the market.  Well gee, iwonder why sometimes i 
dont hae hte best attitude...


Michael Sheridan Williams
San Francisco, CA
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