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Moving sale, misc. q parts

On Sept. 3, we will be to Arvada, CO, so I am having trying to get rid
of some of the parts that I would rather not have to move.

Here are a few bits that are close to the top, so they should be the
first to go.

'84-'87 5kt/q rear reflector, good shape (give your 5ks the turbo

Box of ~15 5k AC programmers, condition unknown, old and new style   

Box of ~10 5k/t/q combo switches, (wipers, lights, etc. on column)   
     most (all?) have broken h/l beam switches

Euro rear bumper cover for ur q, used, Tornado red, some scuffs, etc.
     (new price is $450)

Ur q oil filter housing, dual filter type, good condition            

5kt/q MC engine oil cooler return line, great shape,		      $15
      (034 117 123F I believe)

Early 4k, ur q quad headlamp setup, no bezels                        

More to come...

Prices do not include shipping.

Steve Eiche
Englewood, CO