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Re: 10v turbo exhaust manifold

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From: Phil Payne <quk@isham-research.demon.co.uk>
<Dialynx manifolds...>
> a) They warp like wet boards, pulling studs out of the head.  They're
>    tolerable for collectors with 2144cc mechanical lifter cars that
>    aren't driven more than 2,000 miles a year, but every one I've heard
>    of fitted to a 2226cc hydraulic lifter car (MC, MB, 1B engines) has
>    failed.
Mine hasn't (yet) 2 years + and over 30K miles

> c) They're bastards to fit.  The exhaust nut seats have to be machined
>    flat because Dialynx never does it adequately.  Three of the nuts
>    can't be reached from vertically above, so a special thin-walled
>    six-point ring (box) spanner has to be used instead of a torque
>    wrench.  The raised "Dialynx" lettering interferes with the Allen
>    driver used to fix the inlet manifold.
Definitely a PITA to fit or remove with the head in place on the block. The
lettering doesn't give me any problems but you are correct about the nut
seats, on mine they aren't machined at all but as chance would have it are
pretty close to flat. Close enough for the combination of washers that I use
to absorb it.

I dunno, maybe I'm lucky (makes a change) and I've got one of the few
Dialynx manifolds that is adequate? From what I've heard of other people's
experiences, if it ever fails I know which way I'm turning for a replacement

Jim Haseltine