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[Fwd: Oil Change]

I got this back from Audi in answer to my questions about break-in and oil... I
figured it would
generate some discussion.    ;-)

Dear David:

Thank you for contacting Audi of America.

I have spoken to a service technician regarding your question about oil
changes.  Changing the oil prior to 7500 miles is not a problem.  This will
not adversely affect the vehicle.  Additionally, any name brand of good
quality oil is fine to use.  Using synthetic oil adds an extra level of
protection for your engine's working parts, and therefore a good thing to
do.  There is no 'waiting time' for switching over to synthetic oil and
remember, always be sure that you use our Audi recommended oil filter.

If we can help in any other way, please write again.



Every other oil change 7500 15000  45000 

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	Subject:  Oil Change

	Date: Tue Aug 17 14:59:27 EDT 1999
	name: David Bishop
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	response: E-mail
	subject: Request for Information
	comments: I am having difficulty with my local dealer regarding the
first engine 
	break-in period. One service representative tells me that I should 
	NOT change the oil or filter during the first 7500 miles. Another 
	service representative at the same dealer tells me it's ok if I
	the oil and filter at 3750 miles. I am very unhappy with the fact
	I get different answers from the same dealership(Leith). I would
	to know the OFFICIAL Audi recommendation on whether it will 
	adversely affect my A6 engine break-in if I change oil/filter before

	7500, and if the recommendation is to NOT change before 7500, 
	I'd like to know why such a long interval is recommended, 
	especially considering the fact that there is conventional oil in

	 In the event that it IS ok to change prior to 7500, please 
	recommend an oil brand that I should use, or better yet, tell me 
	what is the OEM 'break-in' oil that Audi uses. 
	I would also like to know the EARLIEST mileage that Audi 
	recommends as a change-over point from conventional oil to 
	synthetic oil.
	David Bishop
	Raleigh, North Carolina
	1999 A6 Quattro