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type 44 cutting out....bad dog, no biscuit!

Audrey has taken me quite by surprise...and started cutting out, as if the
coil power was cut.

80 mph, and the tach drops to zero. MAY return and restart before coasting
to a stop (perhaps with a BANG backfire)....or may not. Can't detect a
speed/heat/duration pattern for the life of me.

Is it just my hack crimping on the coil power connector, or could the
(looks) original coil be going bad?

I know when "goils" go bad they start showing too much thigh for polite
society, wear too much make up, and hang around the wrong type of boys,  but
what about _coils_?

Audrey is a 1984 5000s auto. Thanks

Steve Bigelow
Ottawa ON
1984 5000s "Audrey"