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Re: New car discounts

I was about to answer the Bob's post by saying that there're 5 Audi
dealerships in the radius of less than an hour drive from my house in
Warminster, PA (18974) when I read this:

"Gorman, Ken (PA62)" wrote:

> Let's see.  I live in suburban Philadelphia, specifically, Warminster (zip
> 18974).  Going to the Audi web site dealer locator and entering my zip code,
> the locator found 5 Audi dealerships within 30 miles of my house.  It found

Such a small world. Ken, you must be somewhere around the corner from
Do you drive that green S4 that I see once in a while?
I live in the newly erected Country Crossing developement @ York and
Bristol and drive a pearl S6.
Stefan Richter and his black S6 are 10 min north on York. I wonder who
else is nearby.

Igor Kessel
Two turbo quattros.