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Re: type 44 cutting out....bad dog, no biscuit!

I had the same problem with my coupe.  I put in a new coil and the problem
remained.  I then put in a new ignition control module (hall sender control
unit) and the problem went away and hasn't returned in 4000 miles.

Greg Herrmann
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From: Stephen Bigelow <sbigelow@sprint.ca>
To: quattro <quattro@audifans.com>
Sent: Tuesday, August 17, 1999 10:58 PM
Subject: type 44 cutting out....bad dog, no biscuit!

> Audrey has taken me quite by surprise...and started cutting out, as if the
> coil power was cut.
> 80 mph, and the tach drops to zero. MAY return and restart before coasting
> to a stop (perhaps with a BANG backfire)....or may not. Can't detect a
> speed/heat/duration pattern for the life of me.
> Is it just my hack crimping on the coil power connector, or could the
> (looks) original coil be going bad?
> I know when "goils" go bad they start showing too much thigh for polite
> society, wear too much make up, and hang around the wrong type of boys,
> what about _coils_?
> Audrey is a 1984 5000s auto. Thanks
> Steve Bigelow
> Ottawa ON
> 1984 5000s "Audrey"