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Re: Audi Factory Manual

After anxiously acquiring Bentleys for both my 4K and my 5K vehicles, I
experienced similar frustrations, Lawrence.  I've finally realized the
Bentleys  are reference materials intended for folks who have gone to
Audi's training schools.  They assume you know what you are doing and
simply need pointers and reminders.  I'm now looking for Haynes and Chilton
publications that can help point me to the details I need to get from the
Bentleys, because up till now, I've always paid someone else to do most of
the tinkering.

Kneale Brownson

At 09:15 AM 8/18/99 -0400, Newman,Lawrence C. wrote:
>I bought the Audi Factory Manual for my '89 200 put out by R. Bentley.
>I have the 5 Series BMW manual published by Bentley as well.  I also
>have or have had manuals for most of my cars for the last 40 years.  I
>still have a couple of Master's Manuals for all U.S. cars of the late
>30's and 40's.  However, I can't remember ever having such a hard time
>extracting useful information from a manual in my life.  I was tracing a
>starting problem that involved the solenoid and the ignition switch and
>can find reams of wiring diagrams but thorough explanations for exactly
>where each wire goes is still a bit of a mystery.  I accidently found a
>diagram of a starter relay and I guess that is the solenoid.  The
>troubleshooting flow chart is a good idea but the one for starter
>problems seems to have left out the possibility of the transmission
>neutral switch being responsible for no ignition switched current at the
>starter solenoid.
>The reason for this semi-rant is to ask if anyone else has trouble
>locating relevant and accurate facts and direction in this manual?  Is
>this a new classification scheme that I should understand better than I
>do?  I also have the Haynes manual for the 1988 Audi's and, even though
>incomplete, is organized in a recognizable way and contains information
>that I expect: like how to take apart things fastened  strangely - such
>as door panels.