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Re: urq with 2bennett mc triumphant return... and...

Having seen very closely 2 cars done by 2bennent One being Duane Hales old
car, with the custom core support, I do not like it, It does not fit right,
makes the grill stick out about 1/2 inch farther then it should, is ugly on
the black car, and you loose the hood latch.
Now the other car is Sean Upchurches he took the car to 2bennett and they
removed his core support and altered it, so he is using the stock core
support but it is now bolted into the car, and can be removed. it looks
almost factory.. much better in my opinion.
Then there is Pat Martins car, with lack of inner cooler, it looks like the
engine came from the factory.

Hey how about an innercooler like this??
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> Tom,
> When doing MC conversions, (at least some of the time) 2Bennett
> cuts out the front of the core support.  Everything between the
> fenders goes away.  Then this is replaced by a handmade welded
> aluminum core support that is removable.
> I don't know if they do it every time, but I've seen one car that had it
> done (formerly Duane Hale's EC featured 4kcstq).  It is a very
> custom mod, and IMO has it's benefits and drawbacks.
> I've always been curious about how the aluminum unit deals with
> and effects chassis flex.  The aluminum is relatively unyielding (to
> the point of cracking instead of flexing.  Since it's bolted on, I would
> imagine there is either alot of stress being put on the new core
> support, or it's mounting points.  (I remember seeing on either
> Duane's car, or on another core support at Tim Valencia's garage,
> that at least one of the "braces" of the new support was no longer
> welded where it once was.  Maybe no big deal, but the memory
> remains.)
> I know stiffer is better, so this may be a good thing.
> If I ever get to putting a turbo motor in my 4ksq, I will make efforts
> to retain the stock core support.  I like the way the hood closes,
> and the way everything fits.
> If I had a race car, and quick access to the front of the car would
> be a benefit, I'd probably consider the removable support.
> I could just imagine a timing belt job with the whole front of the car
> sitting next to you instead of being in the way.  It has it's benefits!
> As far as intercoolers, I think you may be able to find an
> appropriately-sized unit from one of the Diamond-Star cars, if not
> an Eclipse/Talon, then perhaps a Starion/Conquest/etc.
> Ken
> Thomas Barbera <tjbst39+@pitt.edu> wrote:
> >
> > When you say custom core supports, what exactly are you referring to?  I
> > can't quite figure out what they mean.  I e-mailed 2bennett about it and
> > they didn't tell me much other than they only sell that for their own
> > installations and it requires some supports to be welded to the body.
> > much cutting is involved for this custom part?    Any advice would be
> > greatly appreciated.  The only thing 2bennett will sell me is a custom
> > rod and an intercooler.  I am going to purchase the tie rod, but I think
> > I'll make the MC intercooler fit somehow in order to reduce cost.  Any
> > advice would be greatly appreciated.
> >
> >
> > Tom B.
> > '86 4kq (soon to be 4ktq)
> > '87 5ktqw (donor)
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