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RE: Q: Tire wear on 4kq

In message <933713F1FB7BD111AC2300A0C98F1AD101A08229@milxpr06.kla-tencor.com> "Buchholz, Steven" writes:

> > Differing circumferences mean different speeds for the gears,
> > and you could
> > put a strain on the central differential in a quattro, it seems to me.
> >
> ... if the diff is locked I would tend to agree ... perhaps also so with a
> torsen-equipped center diff, but if you're talking about an open diff I
> don't know what possible mechanism would cause extra strain ... hey, it has
> to put up with a difference in front vs. rear rotation whenever you're not
> going in a straight line!

Torsen is not limited slip.  You _might_ have problems with differing
left/right diameters on the rear axle with an ALZ (limited slip)
differential, but Audi does ship a tyre (the emergency spare) of a
radically different diameter.

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