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Re: Audi screws up again ...

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From: Phil Payne <quk@isham-research.demon.co.uk>

> Audi (UK) has moved its 'next day' order window forward from 3pm to
> 2:30pm.
Next day? With Centurion Audi I'm lucky to get a 2 day delivery. Parts
arrive on tuesday and thursday.

> The reason given is that there are so many
> problems with 'back orders'.
I might help if they didn't force us into the back order situation. How many
times do you arrive with a parts order and find that they dont have
sufficient parts in the country to fill it? 9 times out of ten IME and I'm
not talking about anything exotic here, just plain common everyday
consumerables that are used on just about every model.
So you order the parts that are available and put the rest on back order.
10% of the time they pick the wrong parts and try to charge you a restocking
fee - then as a final insult if you dont turn up to collect the back ordered
parts within a couple of days of delivery they'll return them to the central
depot because they think that you dont want them any longer.


Doesn't annoy me - much.

Jim Haseltine