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RE: More O2 sensor news

I don't think that the sensor normally goes to that low a voltage ... (I'm
not an expert on that, but it doesn't sound right based on my understanding
of how the thing works).  If I saw something like that I would actually
suspect that there is an intermittent connection to the sensor or a bad
ground somewhere ...

Good luck finding the source of your problem Brian!
Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)

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> From: Brian Devlin [mailto:bdevlin@stanford.edu]
> Sent: Wednesday, August 18, 1999 3:24 PM
> To: quattro@audifans.com
> Subject: More O2 sensor news
> As mentioned in my previous post, full throttle gives zero volts 
> below ~3000 rpm (i'm not sure exactly when it gets rich, but it does 
> by 4000). It turns out that it's not just a slow response by the 
> sensor, it goes to zero and stays there, and will not rise until the 
> rpms do.
> I want to check the pressure regulator, to see what it's doing at 
> this time. I can check amps, as some of you suggested, but I could 
> also check duty cycle. Which would be better?
> Thanks everybody who responded so far. When I get a chance to try out 
> your suggestions, I'll post the result.
> -Brian