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Re: urq with 2bennett mc triumphant return... and...

Phil Payne writes:
> In message <012001bee9b1$f8e2d110$285d369d@redmond.corp.microsoft.com> "Joseph Rae" writes:
> > Having seen very closely 2 cars done by 2bennent One being Duane Hales old
> > car, with the custom core support, I do not like it, It does not fit right,
> > makes the grill stick out about 1/2 inch farther then it should, is ugly on
> > the black car, and you loose the hood latch.
> I'm not sure what "core support" means.  Is this what we call the
> removeable transom on the later ur-quattros?

See the following image of Duane Hale's old 4KQ engine compartment:


That should explain what it's all about.

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