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Re: Speaking of engine mounts

> Anybody either manufacture or buy some solid engine/trans mounts for a 4KQ?

It shouldn't be difficult to cobble something together cheaply ... but why?

>  How about spacers for the subframe?

If you mean solid bushings, I did it on a FWD 4k that I autocrossed.  It 
worked great ... for a while, anyway.  Then I noticed quite a few spot welds 
around the engine compartment started breaking as a result of the additional 
load -- the car would pull just over 1g on a fresh set of Yo'mama RS2s! -- 
and eventually the shell loosened up enough that the car had to be laid to 

For racing, where you can seam-weld the chassis, it's a great idea; for a 
street car on sticky rubber, it's probably not such a good idea.