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Re: urq with 2bennett mc triumphant return... and...

In a message dated 8/18/99 8:36:08 AM Eastern Daylight Time, 
tjbst39+@pitt.edu writes:

<< When you say custom core supports, what exactly are you referring to?  I 
 can't quite figure out what they mean.  I e-mailed 2bennett about it and 
 they didn't tell me much other than they only sell that for their own 
 installations and it requires some supports to be welded to the body.  How 
 much cutting is involved for this custom part?    Any advice would be 
 greatly appreciated.  The only thing 2bennett will sell me is a custom tie 
 rod and an intercooler.  I am going to purchase the tie rod, but I think 
 I'll make the MC intercooler fit somehow in order to reduce cost.  Any 
 advice would be greatly appreciated.
    It can be fit w/o this custom support, just start cutting metal...
Javad Shadzi