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Re: Warped disc help

Yeah, you need some brake service, Iain. Aftermarket rotors are not too
expensive these days and seem to last about as long as factory units.
There is not much margin in the braking systems of today's cars. Would
be nice if they had a 15%-20% buffer for extreme circumstances, but it's
just not there (in most rigs I see). Things just go downhill after the
rotors are turned as the "heat sink" overheats easier with less mass.
I'm an auto mechanic in the So.Cal. mountains and I see plenty of
customers with brake woes. Many commuters  who drive SUVs and other full
size rigs only get about 6 months on a set of front pads. 

I just bought a set of front rotors (German, I think, for $60 each on
the net) and will install them with semi-metalic pads. Nobody carried
the mets so I had to order them up but I don't like putting on organics
for people who live up here and go up and down the mountain often (or
who drive aggressively or with loads). I was never satisfied with the
"bite" of my previous set of organics. I'm thinking this pad and rotor
change will be a great improvement. (My rotors are warped too). 

You can either spend BIG MONEY for an ass kickin' aftermarket brake set
up which is really only necessary for racing apps, or do new rotors
every other or every time you change pads. BE SURE your rear brakes are
doing their job. I've seen many lately who have used up the front pads
prematurely because the rears weren't really doing their part. Do a full
bleed and adjust when in doubt. 

God Speed
'84 5ks

New pads a rotors coming soon.
ps  Where can I grab a set of steel braid brake lines (reasonable) for
this German jewel?