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V8Q Rough running at startup.

Today I noticed that the engine was running a little rough when first
started in the morning, but it straightened itself out after a few

Now, at startup,  it starts rough, doesn't want to accelerate, and
sometimes dies.  After a few pumps of throttle and some acceleration,
once I get the revs up, all is normal again.  The car drives just fine
afterwards with no problems or strange behavior.  There is no "engine"
light coming on at all, although I don't know for sure whether this light
comes on when the V8Q stores codes.  

Before even looking at it, I'm thinking along the lines of either the
fuel pressure regulator, leaky injector, or bad temp sensor. Throttle
position sensor occured to me too, as the symptoms mimic what happened
when I turned the V8Q into U-V8Q a while back, but the symptoms go away
as soon as the engine gets "up to speed".

Any BTDT's??



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