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RE: Warped disc help

Hi Robert

In a round about way I tried this on the way home from work yesterday, I went and got the front wheels re balanced, so the wheels had to come off and go back on. Re balancing oddly enough has made a big difference, there is still a little judder evident but it's not as bad as before. I think I will wait until the pads have worn out (quite new) before I look at upgrading. Thanks for the reply though.



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		Warped disks sound like a possibility.  Before making a major investment
		try retorqueing the lug bolts.  Loosen them and torque them back down to 81
		ft-lbs.  This may be enough to remove the shudder.  If not, well, it was a
		cheap try.

		At 04:25 PM 08/18/1999 +0200, you wrote:
		>Hi q listers
		>I need some help on what I think is warped discs ( 1986 CoupeQ). When
		braking from say 80mph to around 55mph I get a judder through the steering
		wheel and a bit through the brake pedal. Below 55mph I get little or no
		judder at all. If a brake hard from 55mph I get little or no judder at all.
		Why do I get the judder at higher speed. I have replaced shocks, top
		mounts, bump stops , wheel bearings. A arm bushes are ok, the only other
		bushes I need to do are the roll bar bushes in the A arm, but I don't think
		this would cause the problem. Warped discs or something else? If it is
		warped discs any BTDT on upgrades like cross drilling and grooving.
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