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Re: 2.2 I-5 Mods

geordie writes:
> I own a 1982  Coupe, and have found that the 5 cylinder engine's 100hp
> just aren't enough.....
> I have yet to read of any modifications costing short of $2000 that will
> increase the power of this engine to something, well, more
> substantial......all I'm looking for is 50hp or so. I'd like to get into
> the mid 100s, nothing spectacular. What are the best upgrades for this
> engine?

50hp may not seem like a big gain to you, but it's hard to get with
a normally-aspirated engine.  You can probably get 50hp gain by doing
the full-boat conventional "hot rod" work like increasing the
displacement to 2.5, going to a more aggressive cam and doing lots of
port/polish head work, plus opening up the intake and exhaust.  The
alternative is to transplant the turbocharged 5-cylinder engine from the
5000/200 turbos, which may actually be less expensive and ultimately
give more power potential.

There is certainly no way to achieve any of this under $2000.

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