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Re: Failure of trunk lock

Here is something from my files, which is all I can do to help you other
than suggesting you try locking and unlocking the doors many times, and
trying the trunk lock after each lock-unlock cycle. The trunk lock _might_
work once every 10 times, or something like that, and if you get it open,
don't close it until the problem is defined and fixed. Last year I took my
trunk lock vacuum system stopped working, but in the unlocked position. I
took it apart and played around with it until I found all the little
sticking points, and I fixed them and put it back together, and it has
worked fine for a year. But I really don't have a clue as to how to get
into the trunk any other way.  Except maybe through the ski sack, if you
have one. But even that would be difficult to open up.  Good luck.  Doyt
Echelberger, 86 4kq; 87 5kcstq:

From: JMCarolan@aol.com
To: Doyt
Date: 25 Sep 1998 22:00:04 EDT
Subject: Re: 86 4kcsq trunk lock

The 4k lock system runs on vacuum. There are a few possible problems with
your system.

1) the pump has died, this would cause a failure in the entire power
locking system, so I don't think you have that problem (from you post), 2)
the trunk lock vacuum valve has blown a seal and will not keep pressure
enough to open the lock
3) the lock rod that connects the vacuum valve to the lock itself has come
4) there is a leak in the hose that is going to the rear lock vacuum valve

So to test all this out try:

for 1) if the other locks open when you switch the drivers door and you
hear the pump run, then the pump is still good, for 2) have a friend flip
the key in the drivers door while you stand at the rear and listen
carefully by the trunk lock (you will look funny... but hey).
If you hear the sound of leaking air then a blown valve may be you problem
for 3) when your friend flips the lock (ala number 2) and you hear the rod
clink or you hear the vacuum valve engage but nothing happens then the rod
may have come loose
for 4) you can pull the rear seat bottom cushion by pulling up hard in the
center of the front part of the seat. They have a friend flip the drivers
lock and listen for any leaks on the miriad of little vacuum tubes you will
find under the seat. If you hear a leak then tape it and see if that fixes
the issue, then replace the hose.

If you find the rod or the vacuum valve are to blame I would try to ask the
local Audi shop or dealer what they can do to get into the trunk so you can
fix the problem. I do not know of a good way and the Bentley doesn't say.
Good luck and send a post if you learn something new.

James Carolan
86 4kcsq with a leaky trunk valve now sealed with epoxy BTD"some of that"

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>What model car are we talking about?
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>Subject: Failure of trunk lock
>My trunk lock failed.  You guessed right; the trunk is closed and won't open
>with the key.  I've searched the owner's manual, removed the rear seatbacks,
>etc. but can't find a way into the trunk.  Anyone experience this problem, 
>and what did you do?