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Re: 2.2 I-5 Mods

> I own a 1982  Coupe, and have found that the 5 cylinder engine's 100hp
> just aren't enough.....
> I have yet to read of any modifications costing short of $2000 that will
> increase the power of this engine to something, well, more
> substantial......all I'm looking for is 50hp or so. I'd like to get into
> the mid 100s, nothing spectacular. What are the best upgrades for this
> engine?

for a 50% increase in hp you need to spend money.  You're either going
to do some *serious* engine work and get maybe in the range you want or
swap in a turbo motor.

next time your exhaust rots off get a 4kq mfld/downpipe and some new
larger piping.  "maybe" 10 hp

grab a cam out of a 80-83 5kt and put it in.  "maybe" 5 on the top.

advance the timing.

These all make it faster for a while, then you will want a 50% increase
in hp again.

Huw Powell


82 Audi Coupe; 84 4kq; 85 Coupe GT