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Ring & Pinion Sets for 016 Quattro


Firstly, I wish to thank the people that responded to my emails. I have
probably had 95% of my questions answered, which is near perfect. I
think this list is great, because there is always somebody that has BTDT
and that saves me a lot of trial and error.

OK, I'm converting my car to a 20V turbo (Audi Coupe Quattro, but not an
Ur-Q) and I will need a lower ring and pinion ratio in the 016 trans and
also in the rear differential. Ur-Qs came with 3.89, mine has 4.11 gears
(same as the 4KQS sold in the US).  Since I'm building for top speed
(for the Autobahn), I would like to know if there are sources for an
even lower R&P ratio for this car.

Anybody have a source?

3.5 or even lower would be nice.