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Re: Did Audi make a Turbo Diesel?

    Interesting subject.  I was with the painter who is working on the house
and he pointed to his Volvo 240 GL Diesel wagon.  He popped the hood and
showed me a 6 cylinder Audi/VW diesel engine.  I checked closely and sure
enough little rings and VW symbols all over the engine.  The car had come at
a time when Volvo had run out of engine blocks and asked Audi/VW to supply
them with some according to the painter.  Inline V6 Diesel, non-turbo
186,000miles and kicking strong.  Really interesting combo car, it came that
way from the factory, I believe it is an '82 model.  Anyone ever seen this
before?  It is rare due to the fact it is loaded as well, leather, auto,
electric everything, and its a diesel.  It's a keeper for the weirdo combo.
"Great car for hauling ladders and buckets, plus no one tails me on hills
since the smoke is so powerful."


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