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Re: re Re: 2.2 I-5 Mods

> I can support the idea that a better exhaust provides a few extra horses;
>  there was a detectable improvement in acceleration over stock with my 
>  exhaust.
>  I doubt that the airflow restriction at the intake is more than a few
>  percent of that in the exhaust, considering the different mass flows.  The
>  impovement here, even with cold shielding, should be minimal.

When I did this, I also swapped to an early-style airbox lid with dual inlets 
('84 or '85, as I recall), deleted the cold-start flapper and all of the 
ductwork, and ran additional ducting to the grill to make more cold air 
available ... I guess that's more than just a K&N filter but it's cheap, easy 
and effective.  The airbox lid cost $5.00 and I bought a pair of  VW Beetle 
heater duct tubes for $2.00 for the run from the airbox to grill.  

>  I would be curious how you expect to change the ignition timing.  AFAIK, 
>  NG uses a flywheel sensor to set timing in concert with the ignition ecu.
>  Changing it would seem to require either an expensive mechanical revision,
>  or expensive software revision.  I have heard of chips claiming 10 or so
>  more horses.

I don't know about NG motors but the ignition setup on my NF motor'd '87 5k 
allowed me to adjust timing (after I drilled the rivet holding the protective 
cover over the distributor adjustment bolt, that is) ... stock was 6 degrees 
BTDC and I found it noticeably better at 12-15 degrees BTDC so long as I ran 
premium gas.  Adjust it too far and the knock sensors will kick in and cost 
you power...