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sweet dreams are made of this

If you have a problem with speeding, discard now.

Driving home just now, I merged from one parkway (Saw Mill) onto the Taconic.
For those who know the road, it's a winding series of curves that are
something like what I imagine Lime Rock or Watkins Glen are like,
having never driven there.

As I'm winding the curves at about 75-80mph, I notice that this shiny green
Subaru Forester is managing to keep ahead of me!
Marvelling at how those skinny tires are holding, I followed this guy
(and his significant other) and traded off the lead a few times, all the 
way up to my exit.  I ended the spirited run with a quick flash of the highs
and he replied with a wave, and off we went.

Cars.  It's funny how a big hunk of metal can engender so much emotion with
so little.

I continued down my exit, chuckling at this little interlude, and making a 
mental note to check out the prices on the Forester.  With a little magic
from Subaru's rally parts bin, a Rimmer supercharger (available for the 2.5RS
and this is the same engine after all), it could give my proposed A4 Avant
a run for the money.  Hmm...
Dan Simoes